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After somewhat whacking flu that lasted over the past weekend, which like always, is devastating and like every time, it nearly brings me to my knees, I got an inspiration! It must be because of the people I’ve met, the book I read (Paolo Cognetti “The Wild Boy” / “Il ragazzo selvatico”) and/or the warm spring-like sunshine that gave me some kind of a “spark” which energized me into a lucid extent that I wasn’t even aware of.  Which practically means, I’m doing stuff, which I should have done years ago. I feel as if I have more energy to do it (and NO, I didn’t drink coffee. And NO – I definitely didn’t have any chocolate. Or sugar. Or black tea. Or ice-cream. Or in fact, anything like that)

So, this morning, after cleaning all the mold, which arrived on our apartment’s walls and ceilings with the humid-wet weather we had for the past months. Like the past two days which were filled with beautiful and warm sunshine, also today was sunny and therefore me and my 2,5 year old son went for a walk on the old railroad between Piovene Rocchette and Arsiero, which until the 70’s was still active, but now the rails have been removed and the road is a path for health nuts. Or just for Nature lovers. Or for bicyclist. Idyllic place to go for a walk because of its greenery and overall silence.

I’ve always taught my kids how to handle garbage. Trash it right into the bin! When they were smaller, “Garbage-game” was one of their favorite ones. The possibility to throw something away, it made them feel important. Although, right now I feel that they are throwing a bit too much stuff away (speaking about food).

Anyway. One day, when we were waiting for the kindergarten bus to arrive, we noticed that someone had thrown candy wrappers on the ground, right where we stand and wait. My kids were shocked by this scene – “Why they left it here and why they didn’t throw it in the bin?” So, I promised that the next morning we’d come with a plastic bag and pick it up and throw it into the bin.


So, there we were, me and my little boy, walking down the road towards the old railway, when I noticed all the trash by the road. Cigarette butts and packages, juice/yoghurt boxes/bottles, beer bottles, plastic bags and candy wrappers. Oh…. Poor planet Earth. And again I didn’t have a plastic bag in my bag! But this time the solution came faster than I thought – “I’m going to buy some fruit from my fruit-vendor by the road, and will use the bag, which he’ll give me, to collect the garbage lying by the road.” 


Road to the next playground, which is in San Giorgio, was quite surprisingly full of garbage. I was very surprised by that. Who goes walking or running or cycling and throws stuff on the ground, while enjoying the Nature around them. Why would anyone want to change its beauty, lush greenness and cleanness? 

My son was very happy to contribute, indeed he felt sad that we stopped and told me that tomorrow we should continue. Indeed we should. I really recommend to give it a try. Put a plastic bag in your pocket. The glove, which you use to pick fruit in the supermarket/mall, instead of throwing it away, take it with you, and pick up the garbage by the road and place it in the plastic bag. Separate paper from glass and plastic. Throw away the rest. Easy-peasy.


The way back was nice and sunny. It was past midday and we were fully enjoying the sun. The sun, which was way too warm for January. I could feel Spring. And indeed, also my eyes SAW the spring – the forest bed is covered with snowdrops… So romantic and beautiful…But in January?? This worries me. It really does. I wonder…where did Winter go?